Where To Find The Gauley Mine ID Card In Fallout 76 (2024)

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One of the first quests you may experience in Fallout 76s Wastelanders main quest update features a sequence of missions involving the Wayward, a local watering hole near Vault 76 run by duch*ess – a world-weary Wastelander – and her ghoul companion, Mort.


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These quests revolve around a treasure hunter named Crane and a treasure he was supposedly seeking. Help duch*ess decide how to proceed and earn the treasures that await you when you use the Gauley Mine ID card to find the Gauley Mine code that leads to your reward.

Updated May 11, 2024, by Andrew Scariati:Fallout 76's surge in popularity has us returning to Appalachia to explore West Virginia for treasure like the Gauley Mine code, found after using the Gauley Mine ID Card. Some powerful RobCo treasures await you in Gauley Mine once you claim the Gauley Mine ID Card from Crane.

How To Get The Gauley Mine ID Card

The key card needed to access the treasure can only be gained after completing the quest, Strength in Numbers.

This quest requires that you rescue duch*ess’s resident muscle, a human named Sol, and an assaultron named Polly, from the nearby Gauley Mine.

After helping out duch*ess’s crew, she’ll finally open up about the information she has on Crane’s secret treasure.

duch*ess will lead you to the previously locked room upstairs and show you Crane himself, muzzled, shackled, and in the end stages of a Scorched plague infection.

Sol, one of duch*ess' associates, will barge in through the door and demand that Crane be executed, leading to a conversation.

Alternatively, you can convince Sol and duch*ess to spare Crane, appealing to the fact that killing someone who has a shred of humanity left will make them both murderers.

Either way, you'll still receive the Gauley Mine ID Card from Crane.

After you decide what to do with Crane, you can find the Gauley Mine ID card on his body, along with a map that details where to find the entrance to the treasure trove.

To find the treasure you will have to return to Gauley Mine.

You can trek your way through the entire mine again or enter through the back exit – there will be a fast travel spot there if you exit along that route during the Strength In Numbers quest.

Where To Use The Gauley Mine ID

Find The Gauley Mine Code – 071990

If you enter through the Gauley Mine Exit, go to the far right side of the large open cavern.

You might also find a small group of Radstags outside Gauley Mine.

You'll enter a small area identical to the space marked on Crane’s map. Look around to locate a security gate nearby, which can only be opened via a keypad.

You can find the Gauley Mine Code written on the map, or pinned on the bulletin board nearby.

It’s a little blurry on the map, but don’t worry if you're having trouble seeing the numbers in-game – the Gauley Mine Code is 071990.

Once you have the code, you can use the ID card to pass through another locked door that leads to your treasure: RobCo Auto-Cache 001.

Loot The RobCo Cache

After you open the door, you can access the treasure itself – a pre-war RobCo vault that dispenses legendary weapons.

Fight your way through the insects blocking your path until you reach a large door. Stay within the marked area here while your Pip-Boy is scanned, which will unlock the door.

Navigate the series of hallways toward a large meeting room with a podium and several dispensers on a nearby stage.

Check the podium to find a mega-dispenser test token – your key to a legendary weapon from the RobCo Cache.

You can choose whichever type of weapon you want, so here's a breakdown of the options before you pull the trigger:

The loot here scales to your level, so you can wait until you reach level 50 or higher to receive a weapon of the same level with two legendary perks.

Selection Name

Weapon Given

Legendary Perk One

Legendary Perk Two


Hunting Rifle

Anti Armor

+50 percent V.A.T.S Critical Damage

Two-Handed Melee



+40 percent Swing Speed

One-Handed Melee



+50 percent melee reflects when blocking




+40 percent Power Attack


Pump-Action Shotgun


+25 percent Faster Fire Rate


Laser Pistol


+10 percent Damage while Aiming


.44 Pistol

Two Shot

+Extra bashing damage

Of course, only one token was made for the customer demonstration, so consider your choice carefully before you select a weapon and return to duch*ess.

If you join the Free Radicals upon returning to duch*ess, you'll still get your hands on the weapon when the quest ends, and you'll even earn a Free Radicals face mask.

At this point, you must be level 20 to continue the Wastelander's quest line if you haven't already reached that threshold.

If you meet the requirements, your next quest – The New Arrivals – will automatically be added to your journal along with a radio signal which is associated with the quest.


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Where To Find The Gauley Mine ID Card In Fallout 76 (2024)
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