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TIP: If you’ll buy your STOP in the US, there are a few more model differences you’ll need to know too, so be sure to check these in the final section.

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All the features explained

In this section, we’ll take a look at all the STOP features. The latest STOP models have more advanced Radio Frequency and a skin temperature sensor, and the addition of a muscle toning mode called DMA (or ELV in the US).

Multi-RF vs Single RF

The earliest STOP models have what Tripollar calls single-RF. This sends Radio Frequency current into your skin at one frequency of 1MHz. The models with single RF also have 4x smaller electrode nobbles on the treatment head. You get LOW and HIGH levels.

The latest STOP models have multi-RF. This sends Radio Frequency current into your skin at two interchanging frequencies of 1 to 1.25 MHz. The effect is to evenly heat more layers of your dermis. So, it works on even more of your collagen and elastin fibres. This means better results, but also shorter and faster treatment times. These models have 4x larger electrode nobbles on the treatment head. They also have LOW and HIGH RF levels.

Here are the different treatment heads of the STOP V and STOP VX with single and multi-RF respectively.

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (2)
Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (3)

And multi-RF with the bigger nobbles makes a BIG difference. It’s much more effective at heating your skin.

Multi-RF is faster & easier

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (4)

Using the STOP VXon HIGH RF level,it takes 10 to 20 seconds to reach temperature on the first patch of skin. But then just a few seconds for each subsequent area!The circling motion is slow but steady and I quickly move to the next spot, and then the next spot, and so on…So progress is swift.

It’s easy to heat each section of skin, the orange light comes on quickly and stays on. So, you can circle over the zone several times during the 4 to 5 minutes treatment time. It’s simple, responsive and easy to use. It feels lovely and warm too.

Once all areas are done, if I circle back around my skin, the orange light stays on. This means my skin is still at the perfect temperature! Go collagen, go!

Multi-RF leaves my skin pinky-red, plumped and exceptionally smooth. It also feels pleasantly warm and invigorated, as after a workout. Lush!

Overall, it’s intuitive because it works quickly, and you can see and feel the progress you’re making.Learn more about using the Tripollar STOP VX and VX Gold models here.


It feels nice!

The larger nobbles on the STOP VX are much comfier than the smaller nobbles.I LIKE how the nobbles feel on my skin, especially on my scar, and weirdly around the corners of my nose.

By comparison, single-RF with the Tripollar STOP V takes ages and is rather tedious.

The smaller nobbles aren’t as effective. You must circle the device very slowly to heat your skin – much slower than you’d expect. It doesn’t feel nearly as warm either.

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (5)

On my skin, it takes around 15 to 20 seconds to heat every circled area and see the orange light. It doesn’t get any faster. Plus, you must also circle over previously heated skin in the treatment area to keep it warm. Tripollar doesn’t give a time guidance per treatment area either – you just keep going until all your skin’s at temperature.

And this takes ages. It’s a challenge to get and keep that orange light on!

Tripollar says to do large sweeping circles over your skin for a few more minutes once you’ve finished half of your face. You don’t need to look for the orange light, which is just as well because it’s no longer on for me. This shows that single-RF can’t keep your skin at the target temperature for as long as multi-RF can.

It takes a few sessions to master the very slow circling pace you need with Single-RF. Tripollar suggests it takes 20 minutes for your full face (excluding the neck). But to treat my full face and neck with the STOP V is more like 40 minutes. And it gets tiring too.

Single-RF leaves my skin pink, smooth and warm. It’s pleasant but fades very quickly. The sensation is much less pronounced than from a multi-RF treatment.

Here’s a quick summary of Multi-RF versus Single-RF:

Face & neck 20 to 25 mins 40+ mins
Routine Very easy & intuitive
Slow & steady circles
VERY slow & tiresome
Focus & concentration
Nobbles Large
Feels nices on skin
Slightly uncomfortable on forehead
Skin reactions Invigorated
Plump, smooth, pinky-red & warm skin
Pleasantly warm
Pink, smooth & warmed skin

3D Thermal Mapping Algorithm

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (6)

The latest STOP models also have this advanced feature for more efficient RF skin-heating.

This is a smarter, more responsive temperature sensor which continuously reads your skin temperature and adapts the RF power as it’s needed. This precisely controls the heat and gives a more even and accurate treatment around your different facial contours.

I’ve tried this feature in the STOP VX Gold. And compared to the STOP VX (without it) it feels even more efficient at heating my skin. The STOP VX is very, very good, but with the STOP VX Gold it’s even easier to get that orange light on, and my skin quickly reaches the target temperature all over. I can tell because the green RF light eventually turns off, and I can move on to the next treatment area before the full 5 minutes is up.

Turbo RF

This is the latest feature released in the STOP VX Gold 2 and STOP Desire models.

It still sends the multi-RF interchanging frequencies of 1 to 1.25 MHz into your skin. But the Turbo part heats your skin twice as fast. Tripollar says it gets your treatment area skin up to temperature in as little as 35 seconds. Wowser.

So, you need only treat each face and neck zone for 3 to 4 minutes, (versus 4 to 5 minutes for multi-RF models without it). That means treating your full face and neck in 5 zones takes just 15 to 20 minutes. That’s very easy to fit in most days.

Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) mode

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (7)

Some of the later STOP models also have DMA mode.

This is another type of energy for muscle toning along your jawline.It works alongside the RF and sends a mini-Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) pulse down to your SMAS layer facial muscles (below the dermis and hypodermis). Here it causes small contractions.Tripollar says DMA strengthens muscles to build volume and tone and works with the RF to enhance lift and contouring along your jawline.


What’s the proof?

Unfortunately, there’s no test data publicly available to show how effective DMA/ELV really is 👎.

The STOP V has 1st generation DMA where the small EMS pulses are on and off for around 4 seconds each.

The STOP VX and STOP VX Gold models are 2nd generation, so the EMS pulses are continuous. Use DMA mode for 5 minutes on each side of your jawline.

Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (8)
Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (9)
Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (10)


TIP: In the US, DMA is instead called ELV. It’s the 2nd generation tech, and is available in the STOP VX model.

UK & International model features

Here’s a quick reference chart of the UK and Internationally available STOP models and the tech and features each has. All devices come with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. There’s no money-back guarantee.

ModelSingle-RFMulti-RFTurbo RFThermal mappingDMA
STOP VX Gold 2 - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
(2nd generation)
STOP VX Gold - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
(2nd generation)
STOP VX - ✔️
STOP Desire - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
STOP X - ✔️
STOP X Rose - ✔️ ✔️
STOP V ✔️ - ✔️
(1st generation)
STOP Classic ✔️ -

Differences with US models

All UK and International devices have two RF levels– HIGH and LOW.

In the US, the older models STOP Classic, STOP X and STOP X Rose have only one RF level. The STOP VX and VX Gold have both LOW and HIGH RF levels.

DMA is also called ELV. It’s the same 2nd generation EMS pulse as found in the UK and International models.

You get a 1-year warranty with purchases from and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And according to the official US Tripollar website, not all models are available to US customers. And some of the models have slightly different RF features. This all relates to FDA clearance for the various models’ features and functions.


STOP X differences

The US STOP X and X Rose models have 4x larger electrode nobbles. These are faster to heat your skin. However, it doesn’t send multi-RF into your skin. It sends single -RF current at 1 MHz to your skin.

These are the models and their features available to US customers on

ModelSingle-RFMulti-RFTurbo RFThermal mappingELV
STOP VX Gold - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
STOP VX - ✔️ ✔️
but with larger nobbles
STOP X Rose ✔️
but with larger nobbles
- ✔️

Models not available in the US via are; STOP VX Gold 2, STOP Desire, STOP V, and STOP Classic. However, you may find the International models available on other retailer websites such as and

To sum up

The latest Tripollar models with all the features are the most expensive. At the time of writing the Tripollar STOP VX Gold 2 is £679, and the STOP VX Gold is £649/$849 USD. That’s rather pricey.

But, if you demand the latest and best, the Tripollar STOP VX Gold 2 has it all with Turbo & Multi-RF, 3D Thermal Mapping and DMA. It promises your fastest and best results with the least effort. If you’re in the US, the STOP VX Gold is still an excellent choice (even without the Turbo RF).

If you aren’t fussed about the DMA/ELV mode, go for the STOP Desire with Multi and Turbo RF, and 3D Thermal Mapping. Or the STOP X Rose with Multi-RF and 3D Thermal Mapping.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far (and these are expensive at-home RF devices), rest assured you’ll still get excellent results with a single-RF device and without the DMA/ELV function. It’s just that you’ll spend a lot more time during your sessions, and results won’t come as quick.

I hope you enjoy your new Tripollar STOP Radio Frequency device, whichever model you choose!

Tripollar STOP model deals

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Tripollar STOP models comparison VX, Desire, X, V & Classic - Wearebodybeautiful (2024)
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