Region 15 AIS - By Laws (2024)

Bylaws of Region 15 of the American Iris Society

Approved by the membership on October 5, 1998.


This organization shall be designated as Region 15 of the American Iris Society, an association whose geographical boundaries have been designated by the Board of Directors of the American Iris Society as including Southern California and Arizona. Region 15 shall in all instances be governed by the bylaws as established by that society.


Section 1. This association shall be organized and operated exclusively for the purposes described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2. The purposes of Region 15 of the American Iris Society, hereinafter called Region 15 or the Region, shall be to develop the science of horticulture and any activities related to the study, propagation, and culture of the genus Iris; to stimulate and foster interest in horticultural pursuits; conservation and protection of these plants; to cooperate with other organizations, public and private, in the scientific and horticultural education of all those interested in learning any phase of the genus Iris; by any and all means which may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of Region 15. These shall include, but are not limited to

(a) Encouragement and support of scientific research, including that pertaining to the management of pests and diseases related to but not necessarily exclusive, to the genus Iris;

(b) Investigation and conservation of the genus Iris in the wild;

(c) Collection, compilation, and publication of data concerning the history, classification, breeding and culture of Irises;

(d) Education of the public through exhibitions, public display gardens, published standards for judging, and local, area, regional, and national meetings open to the public; and

(e) Furtherance of the endeavors of the American Iris Society.

Section 3. No part of these Bylaws shall be interpreted in any manner that will contradict or supersede the published bylaws, rules, and regulations of the American Iris Society.

Section 4. No part of the net earnings of the organization shall be distributable to its members, directors, officers, or other private persons, except that the organization is authorized to pay reasonable compensation for goods and/or services tendered in furtherance of the objectives of Region 15.

Section 5. In the event of the dissolution of Region 15, after paying or adequately providing for its debts and obligations, the Region 15 Board of Directors shall distribute all assets to such organizations as are qualified as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provisions of a future Internal Revenue Law.

Section 6. There shall be no personal liability of Region 15 members for obligations of the Region.

Section 7. Region 15 shall represent in dealings with third parties that The American Iris Society is not responsible for obligations of the Region. Region 15 shall indemnify and hold harmless The American Iris Society for obligations of the Region.


Any member, library, association, or organization in good standing with the American Iris Society and residing in or based in Region 15 is automatically a member of the Region without further payment of dues.


Section 1. The governing body shall be a Board of Directors, also known as the Executive Committee, comprised of the four elected officers and a representative from each affiliated club in the Region and the three standing committee chairmen. They shall be expected to attend all meetings and exercise voting privileges. (All affiliated clubs must apply for affiliation and be approved annually by the AIS Chairman of Affiliates).

Section 2. The Elected Officers of this region shall be a Regional Vice President, an Assistant RVP, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Section 3. The four elected officers shall be elected annually with the Regional Vice President being subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the American Iris Society. No officer or chairman shall be elected or appointed to the same office for more than three consecutive years.

Section 4. A Regional Vice President who has served for three successive years shall again become eligible for appointment as an AIS Regional Vice President after being out of office for one year. All candidates for the elected offices of Region 15 shall be residents of Region 15 and members in good standing of the American Iris Society, and if elected, throughout their terms of office.

Section 5. Newly elected officers shall assume office immediately following the AIS fall meeting of the Board of Directors. All officers and chairmen shall transfer their material to their successors within 30 days from the date of the Region 15 election.

Section 6. The representative of each affiliated club shall be the club president or his appointee.


Section 1. The Regional Vice President shall preside at all regional meetings and at all meetings of the Executive Committee. He shall exercise general supervision over all standing committees and over all special committees. Within thirty days of taking office, the Regional Vice President shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive Committee, the three standing committees: (1) Ways and Means, (2) Membership and (3) Publications. He may create and appoint special committees as the need arises.

Section 2. The REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT shall fulfill all duties as published by AIS and imposed by these Bylaws. The Regional Vice President shall serve on the AIS Board of Counselors, which meets during the national spring meeting of the AIS.

Section 3. The Assistant RVP shall perform the duties of Regional Vice President in the event of the latter’s absence and assist him in all regional activities. The Assistant RVP shall be the judges training chairman. He shall maintain a list of available programs for the use by affiliated clubs.

Section 4. The Secretary shall record the minutes of official meetings and of all meetings of the Executive Committee. These minutes shall be kept as a permanent record. He shall send written notices of Executive Committee meetings to all officers, affiliated club representatives and committee chairmen at least ten days prior to such meetings. He shall conduct official correspondence and mailing under the direction of the Regional Vice President.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all moneys belonging to the region or under its control. He shall pay all bills properly incurred by the region and keep accurate records of all financial transactions. At each meeting he shall report all receipts and disbursem*nts since the last meeting. He shall submit the annual report including the itemized budget for the coming year to the Regional Vice President and Editor before February 15th for publication in the Spring Regional Newsletter.

Section 6. The four elected officers shall prepare the annual budget before February 15th.


Section 1. A majority of the entire Executive committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times annually at a time and place designated by the Regional Vice President.

Section 3. Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at the call of the Regional Vice President or upon written request of three members of the committee. Notice of these meetings shall be mailed or made by personal contact to each member of the Executive Committee.


Section 1. There shall be two regular meetings each year. Additional meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the Regional Vice President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, or upon petition by ten percent of the members of the region, not more than six percent being from one affiliated iris society. Notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting shall be mailed to each member at least thirty days in advance of such meetings.

Section 2. The Annual Meeting shall be held prior to the Fall Meeting of the Board of Directors of the American iris Society, but preferably the second Saturday in October for the transaction of such other business as may properly be brought before it.

Section 3. The Spring Meeting may be held in connection with an Annual Regional Trek


Section 1. At the Spring Regional Meeting, the Regional Vice President shall appoint a Nominating Committee one of whom shall be a member of the Board, at least one of whom shall be from Arizona and the other three shall be representatives from three other affiliated clubs. They shall elect their own chairman.

Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall present a single slate of officers to the Regional Vice President prior to August first for publication in the Fall Regional Newsletter.

Section 3. Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any A.I.S. member of the assembly at the Fall Meeting.

Section 4. No one shall be nominated who has not signified willingness to serve. All nominees shall be members of the American Iris Society in good standing.

Section 5. The RVP candidate shall have had the experience of serving on the Region 15 Board.

Section 6. The Assistant RVP shall be an accredited judge. It is advisable that he has had the experience of serving on the Region 15 Board.


Section 1. The RVP shall appoint an auditor in time to audit the Treasurer’s records before January 1st. The auditor’s report shall be approved at the Spring Meeting.

Section 2. The Ways and Means Chairman shall select his own committee. They will be responsible for coordinating fund-raising activities for the Region.

Section 3. The Assistant RVP shall select the Judges Training Committee. They will (1) supervise judge’s training activities throughout Region 15, (2) plan, provide and approve the judges training programs, (3) maintain adequate records of the training of each student, apprentice, accredited and master judge within the region.

Section 4. The Membership Chairman shall select his own committee. They will (1) develop interest and promote membership in the American Iris Society, (2) contact delinquent members.

Section 5. The Publications Chairman shall select his own staff. They will (1) edit, publish and distribute the Spring and Fall issues of the Regional Newsletter, (2) publish any other items authorized by the Executive Committee.

Section 6. The Special Committee Chairman shall select their own staff members.


The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting, provided all members have been mailed a printed copy of the proposed amendments fifteen days prior to voting.


Roberts Rules of Orders, Newly Revised, shall govern this organization unless otherwise provided for in these bylaws.


1. The Assistant Regional Vice President shall be responsible for contacting affiliated club presidents regarding their responsibilities on the Region 15 Board.

2. The Newsletter shall have two issues a year with the issues to be published at key times for the Spring and Fall Region meetings.

3. The policy for the Publications Editor for the Regional Newsletter shall be to include articles about regional functions, judges, clubs and other appropriate topics.

4. The Regional Vice President shall appoint a Purchasing Committee or Chairman to buy irises to be grown in the Spring Tour Gardens. These irises are to dug and returned to the Regional Vice President to be distributed to the affiliated clubs for sales. The grower may keep one of each cultivar.

5. The Regional Board shall advise local clubs four years in advance of their responsibility to host the Spring or Fall Meetings. The clubs must express either their willingness or inability to accept three years before the scheduled meeting. The schedule is to be printed annually in the Regional Newsletter. The Secretary shall send the invitation to the club at the proper time.

6. Region 15 will contribute an amount as approved by the Regional Board in the annual budget but not less than $150.00 to help defray expenses for each local society hosting a Regional Meeting. Notice of the meeting shall be printed in the Newsletter. Local clubs shall absorb the possible remaining expenses above the Registration Fees.

7. The Region shall provide an amount not to exceed $25.00 for each year of service to the Region, to purchase a gift for the outgoing RVP.

8. Clubs in the Region but not affiliated shall be encouraged to send a representative to Board Meetings for information. All members of these clubs are welcome at Regional Meetings.

9. These Standing Rules may be changed at any time at a majority vote of those present at a regular meeting.

Approved by membership of Region 15,American Iris Society, on October 5, 1998

Region 15 AIS - By Laws (1)

Region 15 AIS - By Laws (2024)
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