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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 2497 – Matriarch Farrell choked. Let her also train Liberty? Matriarch Farrell absolutely couldn’t do it.

She had firmly taken the position of head of the family. When she could no longer do it, she would definitely give her biological daughter the position
of head of the family. Kathryn was her true bloodline.

She was much better than Shiloh. She could learn everything at once. The main reason was that Kathryn was cunning and knew how to pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger.

Everyone thought that Kathryn was weak and could be bullied. They said that she grew up in the countryside and had limited knowledge.

Even if she returned to the Farrell family, she would be a mess and could not hold herself up. The achievements she achieved were all due to the strength
of the people in her team.

Although, on the surface, Matriarch Farrell had always had a bad attitude towards his biological daughter, she still loved Shiloh, her adopted daughter, more.

Knowing that Shiloh was not her biological daughter, she quickly adjusted her mentality and accepted Kathryn as her biological daughter.

Because Kathryn did not grow up beside Matriarch Farrell and Matriarch Farrell was old, she would retire in a few more years.

Generally, no matter how healthy Matriarch Farrell is, she must retire before the age of eighty so as not to become more confused as she gets older.

The decision was not conducive to the development of the big family.

In order to let Kathryn get familiar with everything as soon as possible, after discovering that Kathryn was a person who pretended to be a pig and ate the tiger, Matriarch Farrell cooperated with her daughter in acting.

Matriarch Farrell harmed her elder sister and younger sister before climbing to the position of head of the family.

She sat there for several decades while her successors were trained. If she was asked to return the position of head of the family to the descendants of her eldest sister, no matter what, Matriarch Farrell would not do it.

Seeing Matriarch Farrell’s expression as if she didn’t know what to say, Audrey laughed again. The laughter sounded ironic to Matriarch Farrell’s ears.

Her niece, Audrey, was very powerful when she was a child, with the demeanor of her eldest sister. Matriarch Farrell thought of her daughter, Kathryn.

Even if Kathryn was more qualified than Shiloh, she could not compare with Audrey. After Audrey married a businessman, she won the trust of her
father-in-law and her husband, was able to speak out in the Stone Group, and experienced strong winds and waves.

Kathryn was still too young. What depressed Matriarch Farrell most was that the bloodline of the eldest daughter of the Farrell family could always suppress the bloodline of other daughters.

Wasn’t Liberty also the blood of Matriarch Farrell’s eldest sister’s second daughter? Apart from the troubles in her marriage, Liberty seemed to be doing
well in other aspects, but she was far from as resolute as Audrey when she was young.

In fact, as long as Elisa was willing to learn, she would also become a powerful boss, but she was not willing to take the route of a strong woman.

She also had a carefree personality and did not like to beat around the bush. She was very straightforward. Being the head of the family was easy, but it offended
people because it was not tactful enough.

However, with Elisa’s background, she did not need to be tactful, and she never had to worry about how much trouble she would cause if she offended others.

“Audrey, your daughter-in-law just gave you a grandson, so I prepared some supplements and sent them over for your daughter-in-law to replenish her body.”

Matriarch Farrell changed the topic. Audrey did not bother with her on that topic anymore, knowing that Matriarch Farrell was unwilling to give up her position as head of the family.

She was even less willing to let Liberty replace Kathryn. Audrey just wanted to see what Matriarch Farrell’s attitude was.

Knowing Matriarch Farrell’s attitude, she didn’t have to be merciful when she took revenge in the future. Of course, even if Matriarch Farrell was acting coy, she would not show mercy.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 2497 - NovelKoo (2024)
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