Is Lindsey Shaw Pregnant With Devon Werkheiser’s Child? (2024) – Many fans believe Lindsey Shaw is pregnant with Devon Werkheiser’s child as Devon recently posted an Instagram story of him holding Shaw’s belly with the caption, ‘Little Ned 2024.’ However, the Ned’s Declassified stars have not confirmed if they are expecting a baby. Follow to know our verdict on her possible pregnancy.

Lindsey Shaw, who gained fame for herrole as Jennifer “Moze” Mosely on Nickelodeon‘s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide andPaige McCullers in Pretty Little Liars, is currently making headlines as there’s a rumor surrounding that she might be pregnant. In this article, we’ll be discussing how the rumor started and how true it is.

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Lindsey Shaw Suspected of Pregnant Because of This Devon Werkheiser’s Cryptic Instagram Post!

The rumor about Lindsey Shaw (@ladymshawsters) being pregnant is surfacing all over social media. Before coming to our verdict, let’s first briefly discuss why so many people believe she is expecting a baby.

Well, everything started after her Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guideco-star and her ex-boyfriend, Devon Werkheiser, posted a cryptic Instagram story. The picture included Werkheiser gently holding Shaw’s belly, with the caption, “Little Ned 2024.” Since then, curiosity on social media has escalated, feeding claims that the popular on-screen couple is expecting their first child.

In case you’re unaware, the two had dated for over a year after the show ended in 2007. However, they eventually parted ways. Their breakup was apparently difficult, with stands out in their life paths playing a factor, particularly Lindsey’s drug use. Nevertheless, many people believe they are back together as they work together and frequently appear on each other’s Instagram.

Former Nickelodeon star Lindsey Shaw is rumored to be pregnant and people assume her Ned’s Declassified costar and ex boyfriend, Devon is the father of her child, as rumor has it they’re back together. 🤔

— Jared Gonzalez (@jared_thaboi) January 30, 2024

Coming back to whether or not Lindsey Shaw is pregnant, neither Shaw nor Devon (@devonwerkharder) has confirmed that they are expecting a child or if they are dating again. However, we have some clues that strongly indicate that Shaw is not pregnant.

Although the picture of Linsey’s alleged pregnancy is quite plausible, the reality is rather different. Everything points to the co-stars from Ned’s Declassified working on a new production this year, with “Little Ned” serving as a teaser. Additionally, Shaw’s Instagram story strongly indicated that they are working on a new project as sheposted behind-the-scenes footage of how they recorded the announcement of this new addition.

Well, we do not know anything for sure at the moment. We will have a wait a month or 2 to see if Lindsey Shaw gains weight. In case she does, we can confirm that she is pregnant, if not, we can expect her to work along with Devon on a new project.

Know More About Lindsey Shaw: Early Life & Career!

Born on May 10, 1989, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Lindsey Shaw began her career in entertainment at an early age and has since established a successful acting career. She rose to notoriety for her portrayal of Jennifer “Moze” Mosely in the Nickelodeon smash series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, which ran between 2004 and 2007.

Is Lindsey Shaw Pregnant With Devon Werkheiser’s Child? (1)Lindsey Shaw as Jennifer “Moze” Mosely in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.
Image Source: Nickelodeon

Her career continued to grow with appearances on many television series. Notable among them is her role as Paige McCullers on the ABC Family (now Freeform) teen drama series Pretty Little Liars, where she was a recurrent character from 2011 to 2017. Her portrayal of Paige, a complicated and vital character in the series, contributed to the show’s popularity.

In addition to her television work, Shaw has worked in independent cinema and theater. She has proved her dedication to pursuing numerous parts and genres, demonstrating her acting abilities beyond the limits of a single genre or platform. Most recently, she portrayed the role of Dayna in As Certain as Deathand appears to be working on various projects with Devon Werkheiser.

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Is Lindsey Shaw Pregnant With Devon Werkheiser’s Child? (2024)
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