G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says (2024)

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G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says (1)

By Devan McGuinness

Dec. 9 2020, Published 9:50 p.m. ET

G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says (2)

There has been a lot going on in the life of rapper G Herbo over the past few months. He's currently in the middle of a federal fraud case, and as the details of the first court hearing to enter his plea in the charges he faces, people learned that he's expecting another baby with his new fiancée. We’ve got the details on G Herbo's baby mamas and updates on the charges he's facing.

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Get to know G Herbo's baby mamas, Ariana and Taina.

Chicago rapper G Herbo, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, has been in the news as of late finding himself in some legal trouble. This isn’t the first time he's been in trouble and somehow gotten the mother of his children involved.

According to The Sun, G Herbo was previously arrested in April 2019 on charges related to battery against the mother of his first child Ariana Fletcher. The two share a 2-year-old son together, and when their son was about a year old, reports indicated that police responded to a call from Ariana claiming that G Herbo went into her Atlanta home and took her son after the two got into a heated discussion.

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“He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f--k out of me front of my son then he took my son outside to his friends and had them drive off with my son,” Ariana wrote in an Instagram post.

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“Hid all my knives in my house, broke my phone and locked me inside and beat the f--k out of me again,” the model and social media personality continued. “Dragged me outside in the concrete by my hair after his friends drove off with my son. He wrecked my whole house, broke all type of s--t. I have a black eye, my body scraped up from being dragged outside,” the post continued.

At the time, G Herbo was sent to jail and was held on bond. Fulton County, Ga. solicitor's office reported he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge in January 2020 and was sentenced to attend 24-week family violence intervention program, 12 months of probation, and 150 hours of community service.

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G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says (3)

That wasn't the end of G Herbo's legal issues, and his latest intertwines his pregnant fiancée.

G Herbo is currently facing serious legal issues. The 25-year-old is facing charges related to allegedly conspiring to defraud people over the past four years. According to TMZ, the rapper appeared in front of a federal judge for the first time related to these charges. Legal documents seen by TMZ reported that he had posted a $75,000 bond after appearing via Zoom.

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He needed to surrender his passport and isn't legally able to see or give away anything he owns that's more than $50,000. He also isn't able to open a line of credit, since he's facing charges related to credit. One of the more interesting things to come out of the first court meeting is that Taina Williams, his current fiancée, is four months pregnant.

This information apparently came out when G Herbo's lawyer was requesting that he be permitted to travel so that he could see his family. And it seem like G Herbo's first baby mama is being dragged into this latest legal trouble, too.

His lawyer, who is attempting to fight the fraud charges, named his ex-girlfriend and first baby mama, as a potential witness to the federal fraud cause.

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“Prosecutors also identified one of the witnesses in the case as a woman with initials 'A.F.' who shares a child with Wright from their previous relationship. Records show she is Ariana Fletcher, of Atlanta. Wright was ordered not to speak with her about the allegations,” a reporter for the Chicago Tribune reported on social media.

G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says (2024)


G Herbo Is Engaged to Taina Williams and She's Pregnant, His Lawyer Says? ›

According to the Chicago Tribune, Herbo's attorney told the judge that Williams is four months pregnant with Herbo's child. The lawyer then asked the court to allow the 25-year-old artist to travel to New Jersey so he can visit Williams and their unborn baby. The judge granted the request.

Is Herbo and Taina still together? ›

Taina Williams is sharing her reaction after G Herbo seemingly surprised her with a romantic gesture on Valentine's Day. As The Shade Room previously reported, G Herbo revealed that the pair broke up in June 2023.

How many kids does Taina and G Herbo have? ›

They share two children: a son named Essex and a daughter named Emmy. For Taina's birthday earlier this month, G Herbo went all out with extravagant gifts that demonstrated his devotion.

Does Ari Fletcher have a baby with G Herbo? ›

Fletcher already has one son, Yosohn, who she co-parents with G Herbo.

Why did Ari & G Herbo break up? ›

For those missing context, Ari Fletcher and G Herbo broke up after incidents of him cheating on her. "I was young, I ain't know no better, man," he told Yung Miami on her Caresha Please podcast.

Did Fab and Emily break up? ›

Williams, Emily B's daughter from a previous relationship, took to the rapper's Instagram comments to accuse him of abandoning his youngest daughter after he and Emily B split. She also accused Fabolous of only being a father to his sons and manipulating them.

Is taina related to emily b? ›

Apart from being Emily B's daughter, Taina is also famous for being engaged to G Herbo, with whom she lives.

How did Taina respond to Ari? ›

Taina Willams responded to Ari Fletcher's claims that she hurt Ari and G Herbo's 3-year-old son, Yosohn. “I've allowed you to create false narratives about me in the past but I will not let you create this narrative when it comes to a child that I have so much love for.

Is Taina Williams hispanic? ›

William's zodiac sign is Aries and she has African, Dominican, and Puerto Rican heritage. She is the main cast member on the first two seasons of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and one of the show's original four cast members.

Who is Ari's baby daddy? ›

G Herbo and Ari welcomed their son Yosohn back in 2018. However, not too long after, they ended their relationship. G Herbo has since welcomed two children with his current girlfriend Taina Williams.

Is Ari pregnant in Elite? ›

Later in the season, she finds out that she is pregnant with his baby, but knows she doesn't want to keep it given all that has happened over the past month.

Who is Ari dating? ›

Amid Relationship With Moneybagg Yo, Ari Fletcher Says She Has Been Married for 2 Years. The Gist: Rapper Moneybagg Yo has been in an off-and-on relationship with social media influencer Ari Fletcher since 2019.

Did Herbo cheat on Ari with Taina? ›

WATCH: Ari Fletcher Reacts To G Herbo Admitting He Cheated With Taina Williams: 'Back Then I Would've Loved That' G Herbo recently admitted that he cheated on his previous girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, with his now-girlfriend, Taina Williams.

Did G Herbo marry Taina? ›

G Herbo and his fiancée Taina Williams may have called it quits. G Herbo and Taina Williams have been together for four years. However, he has appeared to call off his potential marriage with his longtime partner with an announcement on Instagram.

Are G Herbo and Ari still together? ›

Fletcher and Herbo welcomed a son, Yosohn, in 2018. The couple split up in 2019. She has been dating Moneybagg Yo since they were romantically linked back in 2019.

Who is Fabolous to taina? ›

Fabolous Seemingly Shades His Stepdaughter Taina In New Song; Social Media Reacts. Fabolous seemingly throws shade at his stepdaughter, Taina, in a new song.

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