Final Fantasy 14: How to Farm FATEs Fast with Blue Mage (2024)

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Full Active Time Events or FATEs in Final Fantasy 14 are a type of objectively randomly occurring throughout the open world. While every FATE will provide players that contribute to their completion with basic rewards like experience and currency, the FATEs themselves may also be the objective of a longer-term grind, such as for the popular Yokai-Watch event or flashy relic weapons. Whatever the case for farming FATEs may be, their presence in the open world make them a prime opportunity for one of Final Fantasy 14's niche limited jobs, the Blue Mage, to shine.

As a limited job, Blue Mages are restricted from queueing up for traditional forms of content like dungeons, raids, and trials, but their unique arsenal of spells copied from defeated monsters enable them to excel anywhere you can bring them. FATEs are no exception to this, with some FATEs being able to be completed by Blue Mages in a matter of seconds.


Final Fantasy 14: Where to Find Long-Tailed Armadillo and Learn Schiltron (Blue Mage)

Blue Mages should track down these shielded spikeballs to learn a powerful counterattack in Final Fantasy 14.

What Blue Mage Spells to Pick

Final Fantasy 14: How to Farm FATEs Fast with Blue Mage (2)

In order to farm FATEs as fast as possible, Blue Mages will need to first obtain a couple of key spells. Blue Mages work differently than other mages, however, with spells having a chance to be learned by defeating an enemy as a Blue Mage after it has used the spell you want to obtain. For spells learned from enemies in dungeons, raids, or trials, the chance to obtain a spell can be increased to 100% if players are synced to the instance's level. The required spells to effectively farm FATEs are:

  • Ram's Voice - Obtained from Chimera from Cutter's Cry (level 38) or Dhorme Chimera from A Relic Reborn: The Chimera (level 50)
  • Hydro Pull - Obtained from Kelpie from The Drowned City of Skalla (level 70)
  • Ultravibration - Obtained from Kongamato from The Peaks, around x:13, y:26 (level 68)
  • Choco Meteor - Obtained from Courser Chocobo from The Dravanian Forelands, around x:35, y:29 (level 53)
  • Breath of Magic - Purchased at level 80 from the Wayward Gaheel Ja in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal, around x:13, y:13
  • (If farming level 50 FATEs or lower) Missile - Obtained from Enkidu from Battle in the Big Keep (level 50)

How to Farm FATEs as Blue Mage

For FATEs involving multiple enemies, players should focus on gathering as many monsters as possible into a single group using Hydro Pull. Once all the targets have been brought together, using a combination of Ram's Voice to freeze them, and Ultravibration to instantly kill frozen enemies will allow players to quickly progress FATE objectives even if they're alone.

While Ultravibration is on cooldown, players should make use of their remaining abilities, Choco Meteor and Breath of Magic to deal large amounts of damage to multiple enemies at once. One important effect of Choco Meteor is it's increased damage while a chocobo companion is summoned, so those making use of this strategy should ensure that they have a healthy supply of Gysahl Greens to keep their chocobo active. Hydro Pull and Ram's Voice can also be used to help gather enemies together and freeze them to prevent incoming attacks.

FATEs involving a boss or a target immune to being frozen should be approached like any regular dungeon boss, using your strongest hitting spells as soon as they come off of their cooldowns and lining them up with damage-boosting buffs whenever possible. For FATE bosses found in areas level 50 or lower, players should use the Missile spell which has a chance to deal damage equal to 50% of the targets current HP. Repeated hits from Missile will quickly lower a boss's health, where players can then finish them off with regular attacks.

Final Fantasy 14: How to Farm FATEs Fast with Blue Mage (3)
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Final Fantasy 14: How to Farm FATEs Fast with Blue Mage (2024)


How to farm fates as a Blue Mage? ›

In order to farm FATEs as fast as possible, Blue Mages will need to first obtain a couple of key spells. Blue Mages work differently than other mages, however, with spells having a chance to be learned by defeating an enemy as a Blue Mage after it has used the spell you want to obtain.

How to level up Blue Mage fast? ›

The leveling process for Blue Mage is dramatically different from the rest of the jobs. Since Blue Mage gets massively increased experience from enemies in the open world (10x) and is unable to queue for roulettes using the Duty Finder, the most effective way to level up is just by killing enemies in the open world!

What is Blue Mage max level? ›

Blue mage functions independently of other classes and jobs, starting at level 1 with a maximum level of 80.

Why is Blue Mage a limited job? ›

Blue Mage is a Limited job that falls under the caster DPS role. Blue Mage has a very unique design compared to other jobs in FFXIV. Rather than learning new spells while leveling up, Blue Mage learns new spells from defeating specific monsters.

Can you queue as Blue Mage? ›

In-game the Blue Mage is considered a "Limited Job". This means Blue Mages can't queue for content like other jobs can, they can't access competitive PvP modes, they can't go higher than level 80, and they can't progress the Main Story Quest.

Where is the best place to grind Blue Mage to 80? ›

In the balance, the Tempest cave area seems to be the smoothest and fastest option for Blue power leveling. If you can't access any zones past Stormblood, you can level fairly quickly in the caves in the far northwest of the Lochs, or by whacking frogs, sprites, and pugils in the area near the Ala Mhigan Quarter.

What stats matter for Blue Mage? ›

Blue Mage Stat Priority
  • Intelligence.
  • Spell Speed until Moon Flute opener can be performed consistently.
  • Spell Speed and/or Critical Hit.
  • Determination.
  • Direct Hit.
  • Spell Speed or Critical Hit (whichever wasn't used before)
Jul 23, 2023

Do you have to get hit by spell to learn Blue Mage? ›

You do NOT have to get hit by the ability to learn the spell! You just have to see it cast. If you are partied with other Blues trying to learn spells, either all Blues get it or none do.

Does the Blue Mage weapon matter? ›

Blue Mages. Uniquely, they do no carry any bonus attributes apart from materia slots, and their base attributes never increase, making blue mages less reliant on their weapons than other disciplines.

Can Blue Mage use limit break? ›

Blue Mage, as a Limited Job, cannot use LB.

Is Blue Mage useful? ›

Blue Mages often have a wide range of usefulness due to the varied spells they gain. Blue Mages usually learn Blue Magic by having enemies (or occasionally, another Blue Mage ally) use it on them, but some games have other methods to learn their magic.

Can Blue Mages learn from other Blue Mages? ›

Blue Mages cannot learn abilities from Morphers or allied Blue Mages; they must be learned from either the original monster or an opponent Blue Mage. Blue Mages are best used as a support job, especially due to the wide range of healing and support magic they can learn.

Can you do quests as Blue Mage? ›

Blue Mage cannot complete Main Scenario Quests. You can party up and group with other people (who aren't necessarily BLUs themselves), but to go into exact detail about what BLUs can and cannot do would require discussing many game features.

How do you farm FATEs in Genshin impact? ›

[GUIDE] 26 Ways of farming Primogems/Fates that DON'T require money
  1. Complete Quests (archon/world/story quests/hangouts, etc) ...
  2. Complete Daily Commissions. ...
  3. Unlock all Shrine of Depths. ...
  4. Unlock Teleport Waypoints. ...
  5. Unlock Domains. ...
  6. Log-in to HoYoLAB everyday for 30 days straight. ...
  7. Rank up AR Level to get primos and acquaint fates.

How do you farm bicolor gems? ›

Bicolor gems aren't dropped. They're rewards from fates in Shadowbringers and Endwalker. The only way to get the most of them is to get a gold on those fates and this gets you 12. Note that they are only given in Shadowbringers and Endwalker fates.

Are Blue Mages making the yo kai watch event in ffxiv extremely difficult? ›

Blue Mages in FFXIV are making Yo-Kai Watch event FATEs extremely painful, frustrating many players trying to earn medals. Blue Mages are extremely powerful due to their wide range of abilities, causing them to dominate FATEs and make it challenging for others to participate.

Do FATEs scale in FFXIV? ›

FATEs scale in difficulty based on the amount of players that had participated in them during their previous spawn. As more players participate, the requirements for completion will increase, bosses will gain more HP, more enemies will spawn, and so on.

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