5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (2024)

5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (1)

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5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (2)

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At the end of June, CNBC reported that summer airline ticket prices were up 25% over the past year, far outpacing overall inflation. With Independence Day in the rearview mirror, that data is not encouraging for anyone hoping to score an 11th-hour deal on reasonable airfare to somewhere worth visiting — but plenty of bargains are still there for the taking.

GOBankingRates spoke with travel experts who profiled destinations near and far that won’t bust your summer travel budget either in the air or on the ground once you land — and it’s not too late. Here are five destinations that are still cheap to fly to this summer.

Bali, Indonesia

If you’re pining for an exotic getaway that won’t bleed your bank account dry this summer, it’s not too late to visit a stunning province in exotic, remote and affordable Indonesia, an archipelagic nation of more than 17,000 islands perched in the Pacific Ocean between Vietnam and Australia.

“I have seen that flights to Bali are surprisingly affordable this summer,” said Amanda Syrowatka, director of Viceroy Bali, an independent luxury hotel in the Ubud Mountains previously named the No. 1 resort in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. “Round-trip tickets from major U.S. cities like Los Angeles can be found for around $800, which is lower compared to the usual $1,200. I think Bali is a fantastic choice not only because of the cheap flights but also because the cost of living here is quite low. An average week-long vacation, including accommodation, meals and activities, can cost as little as $1,500.”

Mexico City, Mexico

If Indonesia is a bit too far for a last-minute summer getaway, you can find affordable excitement and enchantment without crossing an ocean.

“One country that remains a bargain is Mexico,” said Nausheen Farishta, a travel expert who has conquered solo journeys across five continents in the last 10 years and the founder of the woman-centric travel site Globe Gazers. “Round-trip flights to Mexico City from hubs like Chicago or Dallas routinely sell for under $300. Once there, travelers can immerse themselves in Mexico’s rich culture while enjoying inexpensive lodging, dining and entertainment. Budget hotels near the historic center start around $50 a night, while filling street food meals cost just a few dollars. Complete three-day itineraries including lodging, activities and some meals can be had for under $400 per person.”

Liberia, Costa Rica

Travel far enough south from Mexico, and you’ll encounter equatorial mountain rainforests teeming with history, mystery and biodiversity that rivals anything you’d find in the lush jungles of Indonesia — and similarly, you can experience it on a budget.

“For nature lovers, Central America is another region with great values right now,” Farishta said. “Flights to Liberia, Costa Rica, from the U.S. can be found for $350 roundtrip. From there, travelers can access beaches, rainforests and volcanoes while staying in hostels for as little as $15 a night. Entrance to top natural attractions like Manuel Antonio Park runs just $16. With public buses costing a couple of dollars per ride, an entire week-long trip can be done for less than $700.”

Dublin, Ireland

If you have your heart set on a European vacation this summer, forget Paris and Milan and set your sights on the Emerald Isle instead.

“Flights to Dublin this summer are cheap compared to other destinations,” said Aviv Barkai, founder of the travel site Smarter Voyage. “Prices range from $300 to $450. Cheap hotels are everywhere and range from $30 to $60. Attractions and dining are affordable, ranging from $50 to $100. Of course, the cost of living will change based on your preferences, i.e., choosing simple dining over luxurious cuisine.”

Kraków, Poland

Ireland in Western Europe isn’t the only place you can visit at a bargain this summer — one of the most majestic and historically significant cities in Eastern Europe beckons too.

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5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (5)
5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (6)


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5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (7)

“Kraków combines history and affordability in one enchanting package,” said Justin Crabbe, CEO and founder of private jet charter company Jettly. “Flights from major U.S. hubs range from $700 to $900 round trip, offering a gateway to Eastern European wonders. Your $40-to-$60 daily budget stretches far. It covers medieval marvels and hearty Polish food. Dive into centuries of culture and sobering history without financial stress.”

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5 Travel Destinations That Are Still Cheap To Fly To in Summer 2024 (2024)
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